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Beanfield Primary School

Beanfield Eco Warriors

The Beanfield ECO warriors have been busy working on our new allotment

14th May

A huge thankyou to Kristof Kovacs in 5C and Keira Smart in 5A for their kind donations of seeds for our school allotment.  Keira's granddad kindly gave her some vegetable and herb seeds to plant and Kristof applied to Grow Wild Uk for some wildflower seeds.  We can already see some of our seeds beginning to pop up through the soil and we have observed daily changes to our plants as we tend to the allotment.


7th May

A huge thanks to Asda, Wilkinson and Morrisons, Corby for their kind donations of seeds, equipment and plants.  In addition to the seeds we have now planted a range of annuals and perennials. Check out our Beanfield 'B' made from marigolds and ivy.