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Beanfield Primary School

MfL - Spanish

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

~Frank Smith

Spanish Intent

Learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures and through our Spanish curriculum we aim to encourage every child to develop a love of languages. The development of language, vocabulary and communication plays an important part in the Beanfield curriculum and the Spanish language allows children to make comparisons between grammatical rules which encourages them to be more thoughtful in the composition of sentences in other curriculum areas. It is our aim to give our pupils the best possible life chances and developing confidence and enthusiasm for languages provides children with wider opportunities later in life. Children will leave Beanfield equipped with the skills to communicate their opinions about their family, their school life and the world around them. They will also have been taught a wide range of vocabulary and the grammatical skills needed to construct simple sentences and paragraphs as a solid foundation for learning languages later in their school career.

Spanish Implementation

The Language of the Term programme in school gives a whole school focus to Spanish for the first term of each year. All children in the school are encouraged to engage with the language through stories and songs and will learn and re-cap a selection of basic conversational phrases. 

Spanish lessons start for children in Year 3 and are taught weekly. The curriculum starts with a focus on children learning through listening and joining in with modelled examples and songs. As they move into Year 4, children will work together with their peers to complete range of different practical activities to introduce and explore new vocabulary for a range of topics. This vocabulary is then used to start developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Vocabulary acquisition and application continues into Year 5 along with a closer look at grammatical rules for verbs, giving opinions and asking questions. In Year 6, children spend time consolidating their knowledge and understanding working towards constructing longer pieces of writing and holding conversations. Children’s Spanish workbooks allow access to previous learning, so that they can build upon and consolidate their understanding in every lesson.

House Points

  • Responsibility

  • Pride

  • Freedom

  • Tolerance

  • Respect