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Beanfield Primary School

Pupil Leaders

As a school, we recognise the importance of all our pupils having a voice. Our school council is very active in representing the views of the pupil body and has led on several initiatives, such as Road Safety Week and interviewing staff.

School  Learner Council - Led by Mr Reilly

Chair of the school learner council - Culen

Emilla Millie
Akos Anna
Jordan Blake
Gioia Lily-Ann
Skylar Khya
Seit Joel

House teams are an integral part of our school organisation. Team captains and vice captains from Years 5 and 6 are elected by their peers and are the spine of our school council body. An additional representative is elected from each year group to ensure a broad range of pupil voice.

We have five house teams,  Pride, Responsibility, Respect, Freedom and Tolerance.

House Captains - Pride

Captain Tyler
Vice-Captain Kara

House Captains - Responsibility

Captain Thomas
Vice-Captain Ivana

House Captains - Respect

Captain Amy
Vice-Captain Marika

House Captains - Freedom

Captain Carlton
Vice-Captain Millie

House Captains - Tolerance

Captain Seit
Vice-Captain Skylar

Class Ambassadors

Class Ambassadors will be role models for behaviour in the school and will take on many class based responsibilities.

Class Name
1a Neveah
1b Max
1c Maria
2a Alayah
2b Brendan
2c Kevins
3a Jordan
3b William
3c Akos
4a Elizaveta
4b Pixie
4c Alisha
5a Isobel
5b Evie
5c Kacey
6a Vivien
6b Laila
6c Beatrice
6d Thomas

Eco Warriors

Members of the Eco Team will play an active role in creating a more ecologically friendly school.  They will look at ways of reducing energy consumption as well as helping to develop the outdoor areas in the school.  They will also be responsible for monitoring the appearance of the inside of the school.  Anyone up to Year 6 can apply to be in the Eco Team.

Tijan Damjan
Jakson Akos
Rhys Ria
Riya Laura
Ava Sophie
Marika Lucian
Bella Keira
Keira Alexis

Play Buddies

Key Stage 2 children take on the role as Play Buddies in the Key Stage 1 playground. Their role is to set up a variety of games and activities for Key Stage 1 children to encourage physical activity, team work and good sportsmanship as well as developing PE skills.  They encourange as many children as possible to join in games.  They also act as positive behaviour role models for younger children whilst they are working with them.

Ellie  Kacey
Ashley Drew
Amy Harri
Lainy Isobel
Kaycie Aanya
Jan Joseph
Charlie Ria
Marika Laura
Taela Darcie

Young Interpreters

Young Interpreters are all children in our school who speak another language along with English.  Their role is to help and support children who have joined the school to feel valued and a part of the school.  They work one to one with children supporting them to develop their English skills and helping them establish friendships in the playground.  They also help teachers to translate information for children and acting as a translator so children can communicate with adults.

Year Group Name
Year 4 Keita, Agata, Kyle
Year 5 Vanshika, Gioia, Hanna, Marika, Samija
Year 6 Judith, Maddox, PG, Arturas, Alexandra, Beatrice, Jakub, Katija

Librarians/Bookshop Monitors

Librarians and Bookshop Monitors are responsible for the smooth running of the school’s library and bookshop.  As librarians, they support staff with maintaining a tidy and organised library in which children and staff can find books quickly and easily.  They also monitor the use of the library at break and lunch times to ensure children using the library do so sensibly and quietly.  As bookshop monitors, they ensure the school’s bookshop is organised and that the shelves are stacked.  They are responsible for taking payments for books, recording the bookshop’s earnings and helping select new books.

Drew Marika
Lily-Ann Shannon
Mikaella Ksenija
Jay Laila

Press Team

Leila Blake
Elizaveta Shannon
Anna Marika
Anita Josie
Riya Gioia
Megan Patryk
Agata Mikaella
Freya Carlton

Catering Team

The catering team support KS1 and lower KS2 children with their lunch in the hall. Their aim is to enhance the dining experience of others in the hall. They also support lunch and kitchen staff in the hall by completing tasks such as wiping tables, helping children open crisps/drinks, controlling the packed lunch area and taking children out of the KS2 hall. The catering team have also supported school events such as the Macmillan Coffee morning. 

Tia Keita
Miller Bleau
Josh Anita
Megan Leyton
Rowan Ava
Nikola Marcia
Lily-Ann Drew
Miley Kacey
Amy Lainy

Sports Crew

The Sports Crew report on sports fixtures that happen within and outside of the school. They are also actively seeking ways to increase the amount of activity each child at Beanfield is having at break and lunchtime.

Rylee Darcy
Joel Lainy
Amy Seit
Carlton Jan
Binta Junior
Drew Lily-Ann


Forest School Ambassadors

The Forest School Ambassadors will continue to develop the new forest school areas within the school. They care for the environment outside of the school and in the local community and be nature detectives around the school.

Lily Emillia
Leigh Drew
Logan Ryan
Isobel Darcie
Willow Piotr
Layton Liam

House Points

  • Responsibility

  • Pride

  • Freedom

  • Tolerance

  • Respect