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Beanfield Primary School

Beanfield teacher ‘makes learning fun’ for global audience

Congratulations to Beanfield teacher Caroline Haynes whose Facebook Page with learning ideas for lockdown has a worldwide following and has been mentioned on national radio.

Mrs Haynes, a Year 2 teacher, set up the ‘Making Learning Fun with Mrs H’ initially to help her friends with ideas during the first lockdown, but its popularity has exploded, and she is now setting up a website and will compile her ideas into a book.

Caroline, an early years specialist, said: ‘Looking at social media and during conversations with friends I became very aware, that parents/carers felt a bit overwhelmed, worried and lost as to how they could best support their children at home. I had a 'light bulb' moment that I could set up a Facebook page of ideas that would empower parents. 

‘All my activities involve items that most of us have around the home, they are always 'hands' on and there are no worksheets. Within a couple of weeks the page was being shared and now I have over 12,500 followers including from America, India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan and Brazil!

‘Although my page is still predominantly aimed at parents and carers, it is now being used by teachers and has appeared on the home learning pages of schools all over the world.  It's absolute madness!  I really cannot believe how the page has grown and I am even more amazed by all the wonderful people who contact me.

‘A stand-out moment was when Chris Evans gave me a big shout out on his Virgin Breakfast Show.  He looked up my page whilst on the radio commenting on the activities and gushing about how lovely the page was, which was incredible and the Northants Telegraph also ran an article recently.

‘I am in the process of creating a website which will make locating ideas much easier and then I intend to write a book of ideas … As for the page, while people keep following and liking, I'll keep providing ideas.  After all, not all learning needs to be done in classroom, but all learning does need to be fun!’

The view the Making Learning Fun with Mrs H page, click here.

To hear Chris Evans talking about the website click here.