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Beanfield Primary School


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Beanfield Primary School is determined that every child will learn to read regardless of their background, needs or abilities.  We aim that all children will make sufficient progress from their starting points to meet or exceed age related expectations and read at no less than their chronological age to put them on the path to develop a lifelong love of reading. 

Children's reading journey starts in nursery where they are exposed to a wide range of stories, poems and rhymes in a language rich environment, learning to listen attentively and engage in high quality dialogue with skilled practitioners.  Their reading journey continues through Reception and Key Stage 1 where phonics teaching, faithfully following the Read Write Inc scheme, teaches the skills of decoding.  Once secure in decoding and word reading, dedicated reading lessons focus on developing children's reading fluency and their comprehension skills.  All of this is underpinned by focused teaching of vocabulary so that children are not only learning to read but are also able to use a wide-ranging vocabulary to express their ideas both orally and in writing.

Our full reading strategy can be found below and the tabs on the left will guide you through our holistic approach to developing life-long readers.