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Beanfield Primary School



The Special Provision caters for a total of 55 pupils across 6 classes that are banded as below:


  • Sharks
  • Starfish


  • Stingrays
  • Turtles


  • Seahorses 
  • Dolphins 

Each class has a teacher that is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum meets the needs of all the children and is delivered appropriately based on the learning pathway their class is on.  They are also responsible for assessing the children’s understanding and ensuring that their children make progress alongside meeting any pastoral needs that they may also have.  In addition to the class teacher, each class also has support dependent on the needs of each individual class. 

Taught sessions are delivered using multisensory teaching approaches to ensure that the individual needs of all pupils are met.  This may include 1:1 focussed learning, small group sessions with children who are working at similar levels of development, or whole class teaching.  We also work closely with a wide range of professionals, including Speech and Language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and the special school nursing team to ensure every child in our care gets exactly what they need.  Some children may also receive 1:1 support from specialists such as the teacher of the deaf, the mobility service or the visual impairment team.