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Beanfield Primary School

Beanfield supports good mental health for all

Beanfield Primary School has a trained team of Mental Health First Aiders, to provide help for students, staff and parents who may need additional support.

Sarah Fleming, Donna Martin, Callum Reilly and Debbie Smith have all undergone training to help those struggling with poor mental health.

Sarah, the Safeguarding and Child Protection Manager, said: ‘I am passionate about supporting not only children but staff and parents as well with their mental health.  At Beanfield we now have a robust package of support that we can offer too all.

Donna Martin

'Donna and I are trained Adult Mental Health First Aiders and myself, Callum Reilly and Debbie Smith are trained Youth Mental Health First Aiders.  We are able to recognise the signs of poor mental health and provide support with guiding and signposting to external services, we cannot diagnose - this is a supportive and listening role.  

Debbie Smith

'By becoming a mental health first aider we can offer comfort and support in a crisis until help arrives. Mental health problems are not as frightening as most people think. When a person has a mental health problem what they need most is someone who can listen calmly to their feelings and fears.

'Callum, Debbie and I are also taking part in an accreditation to become Mental Health Champions.  This is children's mental health training which will enhance our understanding of children's mental and will allow us to introduce further approaches that foster positive wellbeing in school and also our community.'

Sarah Fleming
Callum Reilly