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Home Learning Nursery Week Six

Hello Everyone.  Hope you are all well and are managing with the lockdown.  This is the sixth set of ideas and really you can use the ones which interest you the most.  Don’t forget all of the great ideas being posted on our digital media pages too.

Things to do and make

Ideas from

Name Writing

At this time of year we work with the children on writing their names every week.  Each child has a name card to copy.  It is important to start with a capital letter and then use lower case letters for the rest of the name.

Some children will be ready to copy the letters of their name.

Others will need an adult to write out the letters in a light colour pen or highlighter for child to copy on the top of.

Copying on the top of circles and lines also helps as most letters are made of circles and lines.

Here are lots of other ideas which help build strong muscles (and are not all with a pen and paper) and therefore will lead to good handwriting.

Maths Dinner Time challenge

You could be using your Maths skills whilst laying the table.  If you’d rather you could set out a table with your toy animals, dolls, teddies or action figures as the family instead.

Count how many people are having dinner.

How many knives and forks do you need?

How many cups will you need?

How many items have you used altogether? 

Can you use the words: more, less, same, different etc as you explain.

If you need some help (perhaps with the name writing) contact and they will forward the email to me and I’ll do my best to help.  Thank you and take care.  Miss Cross.