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Beanfield Primary School


Please click the link below to access today's learning resources.  Alternatively, you can download the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting and Vocab (30 mins)

Learn the meaning for the word of the day – tempestuous - and complete the vocabulary tasks on the PowerPoint.

Reading Comp (30 mins)

Read the text carefully and answer the questions relating to the text.

English (1hr)

Read and compare a variety of poems.  Annotate the poems with poetry features which you can identify and learn what each feature means.  Then make a table to contrast poems of your choice.

Maths (1hr)

Today you will be finding percentages of amount.  Think back to the bubble method you practised last term.  Complete these fluency and reasoning questions.

Art (1 hr)   

Find out about the famous pop artist – Andy Warhol.  He is very famous for his repeated prints.  Can you create your own piece of artwork inspired by Campell’s Soup Cans (1964)