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Beanfield Primary School

Internet Safety Day

Wow, Safer Internet Day has been a roaring success and it was such a pleasure to see all of our children from E.Y.F.S through to Year 6 show such enthusiasm and maturity when undertaking activates this year in exploring our theme of “Online relationships”.

EYFS and KS1

Down in KS1 we focused our learning around the story of “Digiduck”. Through the story the children were immersed into the vast, exciting and sometimes overwhelming world of online gaming and we worked together to help Digiduck overcome a number of barriers using the children's already impressive understanding of online safety. Through the story the children were able to link Digiduck’s experiences to some of their own and work together to outline strategies we can use in real life to safely avoid and navigate negative online experience that we may encounter in our daily lives.

KS2 And Amethyst Class

In KS2 and Amethyst class excitement was high as the children shared and discussed their own favourite games with their classmates (it is no surprise that Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite stood out as the runaway favourites). Whilst online gaming is a passion shared by many children we explored those aspects of gaming that can evoke negative emotions in our children and what do if this happens. We focused on online financial transactions, peer pressure and online bullying in games on voice chats and message boards as well as game content that is not age appropriate and makes us feel uncomfortable. The children’s maturity and understanding was again very impressive in these sessions and through discussion and role-play regarding the part we can play in taking responsibility for our own actions online instead of trying to change the actions of others, our children again shown great confidence in how to keep themselves and others safe online.

We are so proud that the children here at Beanfield once again have shown their strengths in navigating and ever-changing technological world safely. They really do stand out as pioneers and role models of the present and future when it comes to the world of Internet Safety.