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Beanfield Primary School

Human traffic cones highlight importance of Road Safety Week

Staff and Year 6 children from Beanfield Primary School have been highlighting the importance of safe parking around the school as part of Road Safety Week.

The adults, dressed up as traffic cones (and a zebra!), lined up in problem zones near the school to keep the  road and pavement clear while the students displayed their road safety posters and chanted slogans to make drivers and pedestrians aware of the issue.

Welfare assistant Callum Reilly said: 'For a good number of years the school campaigned to get a zebra crossing, hence the costume! The crossing was put in a few years ago but today is about highlighting the importance of children using the crossing and our human cones are out to ensure that people don't park where they are not meant to, making it safer for children.

'It's all about making the road and surrounding area safe for nearly 700 children at the beginning and end of the school day. This is about getting parents and carers to recognise that  it is not safe to park on restricted areas and pavements near the school. It is about raising awareness and  getting people to think twice about whether they are parked safely and appropriately.'

The children and staff will repeat the chanting and awareness raising outside school on Friday afternoon.

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