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Beanfield Primary School

Mr Benner receives ELE designation

Well done to Year 5 Lead Teacher Liam Benner, who has been designated an Evidence Lead in Education.

ELEs are outstanding teachers, who are middle and senior leaders with the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership of evidence-informed school improvement looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.

Mr Benner and Trust colleagues, Kelly Herbert from Corby Business Academy and James Lee from Corby Technical School underwent individual interviews in which they detailed how they are using research evidence to drive school improvement.

Mr Benner said: ‘I am really looking forward to the ELE role as I have always been really interested in improving my own practice and helping other people improve theirs. This has been something to really get my teeth into and make an impact on a wider scale.

‘I like to think of myself as someone who will try new things. I am always questioning and asking "is there a better way?"  The ELE role is heavily based on research and I am really into getting out there and researching new ways of doing things.

‘I have been working with Gemma Marks and other colleagues to create a Research Hub where staff from across the Trust can find current research on a variety of areas and collaborate with each other.

‘I want to show our students that they can do something if they put their minds to it. It is my goal over the next few years to be on the senior leadership team and my ultimate ambition is to be a Headteacher. At the moment I can just impact my year group whereas becoming a head teacher means I could have an impact on a whole range of children.’

Gemma Marks, the Director of the newly designated Brooke Weston Training Hub said: ‘I am delighted that three leading practitioners from schools within our Trust have received this designation. The ELE role is at the cutting edge of system leadership and place Kelly, Liam and James at the forefront of supporting schools in Northamptonshire to engage in evidence-led practice. In partnership with Learn-AT Associate Research School, my ambition is that Kelly, Liam and James will be joined by further staff from within Brooke Weston Trust in the future. ‘