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Beanfield Primary School

Parking Near the School Site

Parking near the school site and considerate road use.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Parking near the school site and considerate road use

We have received a number of complaints from the school’s neighbours regarding inconsiderate, and often illegal, parking by parents accessing the school in the mornings and afternoons, including parking in the zig-zag lines outside school and parking across private driveways.  We have also had complaints about parents and children not crossing the road with due care and attention, putting themselves, other pedestrians and the drivers of any cars near the school in danger.

We speak to the children regularly about road safety and keeping safe when crossing the road.  You can help us to ensure children have a happy and safe journey into school each morning by considering one of the following:

Walking wherever possible

Not only is this a healthy way to get some exercise, but it supports the local community with congestion.  In addition, it is much better for the environment.

Cycling or scooting

We have plenty of spaces to lock a bicycle or scooter inside the school gates.

Car sharing

Does anybody else live near you?  Could you take it in turns to drive in to collect your children to ease the congestion outside the school at key times during the day?

Parking responsibly

As with the majority of primary schools in the country, we do not have a ‘parent’ car park. If you do need to drive to drop off or collect your child please park considerately and ensure you are not obstructing drives, garages or access to roads.  Please be respectful of our neighbours and remember that parking on ziz-zag lines at any time of the day is prohibited.

Our children’s safety is our main priority and this includes their journey to and from school.  We appreciate your support in this matter.

 Yours sincerely,

Sam Eathorne

Associate Principal