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Beanfield Primary School

Developing Fluency

Once children can decode confidently, their daily reading lessons focus on developing reading fluency and accuracy.  We use range of strategies to support this process:


A text will be read out loud first by an adult.  Children start by identifying 3 key points in a text and discussing it.  They then identify 2 key words that help them understand the text and discuss this vocabulary.  Children then identify the 1 big idea from the text and discuss.

Paired Reading

 Children develop their fluency by taking it in turns to read aloud to each other.  They discuss where expression and intonation should be used and challenge each other to improve as the session goes on.

Echo Reading

Echo reading is a strategy to help children develop expressive, fluent reading. In echo reading, the adult or confident reader reads a short segment of text, sometimes a sentence or short paragraph, and children repeat it back.

Text Marking

Children read through a text and write symbols on their copy identifying where characters speak and the key punctuation marks in order to aid their comprehension through meaningful expression.

Performance Reading

Children work together to plan how to read aloud a passage of a text, script or poem to an audience with expression, fluency and meaning.‚Äč