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Beanfield Primary School


Please click the link below to access today's learning resources.  Alternatively, you can download the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Friday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

Spellings (30 mins)

Test yourself with this week’s spellings then complete this week’s spelling reasoning.

Reading for Pleasure (30 mins)

Discuss what you have read with someone in your house. Write 5 things you know about one of the characters in your book.

English (1hr)

Today you will be composing your own poem about a tsunami.  We would love to see a video of your final performance.

Maths (30 mins)

 Today’s maths learning is to complete the arithmetic test. Can you beat last week’s score?

PE (30 mins)

Create your own set of work out cards after being inspired by an 8 –min workout by Joe Wickes.

Topic (1hr)

Research and study artefacts to find out about the past.  What have we learned from Ancient Greek artefacts?  Illustrate and annotate your findings.