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Beanfield Primary School


Please click on the link below for today's learning resources or alternatively access them via the downloads at the bottom of the page.

Friday's Resources

Daily Timetable:

Spellings (30 mins)

Test yourself with this week’s spellings using the spelling choice reasoning

Reading for Pleasure (30 mins)

Discuss what you have read with someone in your house. Write 5 questions you have about what will happen next

English (1hr)

To use your plan to write a balanced argument including a introductory paragraph and all of the success criteria – remember to keep it balanced and try your neatest handwriting.

Maths (30 mins)

 Today’s maths learning is to complete the arithmetic test. Can you beat last week’s score?

PE (30 mins)

Practice your throwing a catching skills using items around your house – create a scoreboard with the other people in your family.

Topic (1hr)

Learn about the effects caused by natural events – use this knowledge to design an earthquake proof building or structure that could survive a destructive event. Challenge yourself to create it.