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Beanfield Primary School

General - A Parent Helpline for Home Learning - Daily lessons for primary school children -  Listening activities for younger children – lots of science games as well as resources for other curriculum areas. - free access a range of resources – use the code UKTWINKLHELPS - Pawprint Badges Free challenge packs and downloads. The Badges themselves cost but are optional. - 8 Blue Peter Badges to earn  or - Good ideas for Arts Activities - Arts and crafts activities for younger children. - Activities for young children - Educational games for children - DK Find Out Activities and Quizzes - Duolingo Learn languages for free. App or online. - The Kids Should See This Cool educational videos. - Crash Course You Tube Videos on lots of subjects. - Crash Course Kids You Tube videos for the younger audience - IDEA Awards Digital enterprise and award scheme you can complete online

Keeping a Diary