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Beanfield Primary School


You can access today's resources by linking the link below or alternatively they are uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Monday's Resources

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting amd vocab (30 mins)

Practice your bottom exit joins for fluid handwriting. Remember to use your neatest, cursive, joined handwriting and take your time .

Complete the vocabulary activities for the word distraught.

Spelling (30 mins)

Practise this week’s spelling words by looking, writing, checking and writing again. Then, work through the editing for spelling tasks correcting the sentences.

English (1hr)

Today you are going to listen to a chapter from the book Floodlands and then write different sentence types to describe Zoe’s feelings.  Click here to listen to the chapter.

Maths (1hr) Am

Begin to explore simple algebra by finding the value of different shapes. Remember the shapes equal a value.

Science (1 hr)

Today you will be thinking about different animals and how they have adapted to the environment they live in. You will then design your own animal with special adaptations to cope with the conditions in which it lives.