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Beanfield Primary School

School Policies

Policies and other information

Beanfield Primary School adheres to all policies set by Brooke Weston Trust. For more information click here.

Please find the policies below on the Brooke Weston Trust website:

  • For the Provider Access policy statement
  • For the Exclusions arrangement policy
  • For the Charging and Remissions policy
  • For the BWT Complaints Policy
  • For the Equalities Policy
  • For details of the amount of time off taken by staff who are union officials across Brooke Weston Trust

Accessibility Plan

To access the Brooke Weston Trust Accessibility policy please click here

To access Beanfield's Accessibility plan please click here

Beanfield Accessibility policy

SEN Policy

Beanfield Primary School follows the Brooke Weston Trust SEN policy, please click here

Behaviour Policy

Beanfield Primary School follows the Brooke Weston Trust behaviour policy, please click here


For information regarding the school and Trust approach to General Data Protection Regulations please click here

Beanfield Intimate Care Policy

House Points

  • Responsibility

  • Pride

  • Freedom

  • Tolerance

  • Respect