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Beanfield Primary School


Today's learning resources can be found by clicking the link below or in the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Thursday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

  • Handwriting and Vocabulary (30 mins)

Practise your cursive handwriting.

Complete tasks about the word: havoc.

  • Reading for Pleasure (15 mins)

Choose a book and read by yourself, discuss what you have read with someone in your house.

  • English (1hr mins)

Remind yourself of how to add parenthesis using brackets.

Write a setting description for your story of Haka and Pele.  Use the ambitious vocabulary and ideas you have thought of in this week’s learning.

  • Maths  (1hr mins)

Use your division skills practised this week to solve these problems.

  • SPaG (30 mins)

Learn how to use dashes to add parenthesis to sentences.

  • PE  (45mins)

 Create your fitness circuit either inside your house or in the garden.  Either plan and draw your circuit thinking about the different kinds of aerobic, strengthening or stretching exercises you will do at each point.  Or take a photo or short video of yourself – we would love to see.  Email