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Beanfield Primary School


Please click on the link below for today's learning resources or alternatively access them via the downloads at the bottom of the page.

Thursday's Resources

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting and Vocab (30 mins)

Continue to practise your bottom exit joins, neat, cursive handwriting style.

Reading for Pleasure (15 mins)

Read a book that you have chosen. Once finished, find 3 words you did not know the meaning to and find it.

SPAG (30hr)

Today you will be using commas for clarity through lists, parenthesis, extended sentences and speech. Use them to fix and improve sentences.

Maths (1hr)

Continue practising algebra with simple inputs and outputs including the use of images to represent numbers and functions.

PE (1hr )   

You will understand the basics of fitness including taking your own pulse before and after exercise to see how your body reacts

PSHCE (45 mins)

Recap what you know about good mental health and what impact a positive mindset can have to be an Agony Aunt to support others.