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Beanfield Primary School


Today's learning resources can be found by clicking the link below or in the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

  • Handwriting and Vocabulary (30 mins)

Practise your cursive handwriting.

Complete tasks about the word: rebellious.

  • Reading for Pleasure (15 mins)

Choose a book and read by yourself, discuss what you have read with someone in your house.

  • English (1hr mins)

Read the myth of Haka and Pele.

Create a story-map linking the key features in chronological order.  Can you annotate with a suitable metaphor and simile to use later in the week?

  • Maths  (1hr mins)

Divide decimal numbers by an integer.  Practise dividing using the bus-stop method.

  • Reading Comprehension (30 mins)

Practise your reading and understanding with this text and questions about earthquakes.

  • Science and Topic

Learn what happens when the earth moves.  How do scientists measure this movement?  Follow the web-links to create your own seismograph.  We would love to see how successful you are – please send photos of your instruments t0