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Beanfield Primary School


You can access the learning resources for today by clicking on the link below or alternatively you can click on the downloads at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting (30 mins)

Practise your cursive handwriting joins. Apply this within Year 6 spelling words.

SPAG (30 mins)

Identify relative pronouns and complete the tasks in your home learning book.

Reading for pleasure (15 mins)

Read a book that you have chosen. Once finished, write a short book review in your home learning book that states whether you recommend this book to your peers and why.

Reading Comp (45 mins)

Read the text carefully and answer the questions relating to the text.

Maths  (1hr)

Continue your work on fraction and decimal equivalence. Work through the reasoning and problem solving tasks, recording your answers in your home learning book.

Science (1 hr)

 Learn more about evidence for evolution by reading the information. Complete the matching task and write a short summary of what evidence there is for evolution in your home learning book.