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Beanfield Primary School


You can access today's resources by linking the link below or alternatively they are uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday's Resources

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting (30 mins)

Continue to practise your bottom exit joins, neat, cursive handwriting style.

SPAG (30 mins)

Today you will be completing activities which involve recognising and using past present and future tense.

Reading for pleasure (30 mins)

Continue your reading Discuss what you have read with someone in your house. In your home learning book, write down three things you predict might happen.

Reading Comp (30 mins)

Read the text carefully (highlight if you need to) and answer the questions relating to the text.

Maths  (1hr)

Today you will continue to focus on algebra and will move from shapes as missing values to letters. Remember 2y= 2 lots of  y

Computing (1 hr)

Today you will be focussing on asking permission before posting something which includes another person. You will then write a playscript to fix the scenario, showing what should have happened.