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Beanfield Primary School


Today's learning resources can be found by clicking the link below or in the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday's Learning

Daily Timetable:

  • Handwriting and Vocabulary (30 mins)

Practise your cursive handwriting.

Complete tasks about the word: turbulent.

  • Reading for Pleasure (15 mins)

Choose a book and read by yourself, discuss what you have read with someone in your house.

  • English (1hr mins)

Draw or stick the pictures of Haka and Pele into your books.  Use ambitious vocabulary to describe each character.  Can you use these words into different sentence types as the examples given?

  • Maths  (1hr mins)

Practise dividing using the bus-stop method.  Today’s calculations may involve remainders.

  • Reading Comprehension (30 mins)

Practise your reading and understanding with this text and questions about the Islamic celebration Eid al-Fitr.

  • Art  (45mins)

 Create your own humorous comic-strip about a subject of your choice.  Maybe look at examples of comics for styles and ideas.