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Beanfield Primary School


You can access today's resources by linking the link below or alternatively they are uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday's Resources

Daily Timetable:

Handwriting and Vocab (30 mins)

Continue to practise your bottom exit joins, neat, cursive handwriting style.

Complete the vocabulary activities for the word perturbed.

Reading Comp (30 mins)

Read the text carefully (highlight if you need to) and answer the questions relating to the text.

English (1hr)

Today you will create a plan for a letter from Zoe to her mum and dad. Think carefully about events so far, Zoe’s feelings and her hopes for the future.

Maths (1hr)

Today you will be applying algebra to practical problems including area and calculating the ingredients needed for different recipes.

Art (1 hr)   

This week you are going to be creating hidden illusion pictures. Remember to look for the hint on the instruction sheet.