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Beanfield Primary School

Week 3 - 18th January

Hello Year 1, we hope you are all keeping well.  It's very strange here in school without you all and we can't wait to see you all again.  Until then we hope that this work will keep you all busy and thinking hard - we'd love to see some pictures of your work if any of the grown-ups were able to send us some pictures to  This email address can also be used for any questions about the work.  

Some of this work is about maps, one piece if work is asking you to tell us what it's like to live here where we do, as well as some Maths and English.  On Friday there is a chance to get creative and decorate some hands - not real ones, ones where you have drawn around your own hand.  Get your thinking caps on and make the patterns as colourful as you can!

Please take a look at this link here for information about Phonics Resources we would like to use.  The link will take you to a document containing a list of phonics videos which you can watch.

Take care and stay safe,

Year 1 Teachers