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Beanfield Primary School

Week 3 - 18th January

Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying your learning at home so far!

This week in maths, we will be carrying on looking at multiplication. We will be multiplying two-digit and three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers.  In English this week, we will continue to explore the book ‘The man who walked between the towers’. We will be planning our narrative, ready to write about Phillipe’s adventure across the towers.

In topic, we will be looking at how developments in technology have changed how we listen to and access music, as well as looking at the development of New York City and how it has changed over time. In science, we will be looking at electrical circuits and the different components used. We will also look at how to fix circuits that won’t work for different reasons.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well and we’re excited to start seeing your work!  Please email us pictures of what you've been up to at  You can also use this email address if you've got any problems with your learning - we're here to help.

Year 4 Teachers