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Beanfield Primary School

Week 4 - 25th January

Hello Year 3,

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend doing things that you enjoy such as going for a walk, baking or reading your favourite book.

This week in Maths you are going to be completing an end of unit session of multiplying and dividing to show how much you have learned. You will then start exploring money for the next few weeks. This will also be the final week of practicing the 6 times tables as next week you will be recapping the 3 times tables.

In English you will be starting to explore biographies – this will include finding out more about what they are, as well as beginning to write your own.

Within Topic you will be learning about a very unique bridge called The Bosphorus Bridge which is in Turkey in our first session. Then in the second Topic session you will be recapping all of the bridges we have learnt about this half term.

During our Science lesson you will be exploring magnetism and carrying out your own investigation into how different material affect magnet strength.

Throughout the week you will also have some more fun PE, Spanish and Wellbeing sessions which we hope you are enjoying every week!

This week we have uploaded an end of week quiz so you can show us what you've learnt during the week.  We've also uploaded a story that we think you'll enjoy which you can find in the story time tab on the left.

Grown-ups: Please remember if you need any further assistance with any of this week’s home learning, or if you would like to send us in photos of some great pieces of work, we now have a year 3 email address:

We would also like to share that in week 6, we will be having a music day on the Wednesday. One of the activities includes making a musical instrument. The things that you will need for this are:

A paper plate


Hole punch (if possible – if not use a pen and blu tac)

Thin ribbon or string

Jingle bells – see links below

Cotton balls


Here are some examples of the jingle bells that will be needed:

They can be ordered quite cheaply from ebay. You will need no more than 10 bells.

Have a great week,

Year 3 Teachers