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Beanfield Primary School

Week 5 - 1st February

Hello again Year 5 and welcome to another week of Home Learning. Keep sending in your examples of work from home. We really are enjoying seeing them! 


In Maths we again focusing on Multiplication and looking at the beginning of how long multiplication is constructed using area models. This will help you understand how multiplying bigger numbers is structured. In English this week we are going to be looking at information texts and how we can structure and plan one based upon Cadbury chocolate. 


Topic Lessons this week will consist of learning about the impact that Parliament had on the Industrial Revolution as well as some of the inventions that would change Victorian Britain. Many changes took place as a result of new laws, but how did they help? 


Please try and remember to send at least one email a week to us with photos of your work to share what great things you’ve been up to. If you have any questions about your learning too, please contact us on the following address and we will get back to you.  


Have another fantastic week and don’t forget to complete the quiz so we can see what you’ve learned!  Also, Mrs Collins had recorded a story for you to enjoy.


Take care!