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Beanfield Primary School

Curriculum Subjects

“The quality of curriculum that a school has shapes the quality of thinking that goes on in the school and therefore shapes the quality of the minds engaged in the common, curriculum pursuit.”

~Martin Robsinon

The ethos behind our curriculum is that no stone will be left unturned to support a child to reach their full potential.  Our school is in the heart of our local community and and we take our role educating the next Beanfield generation to be knowledgable, responsible citizens very seriously.  

Our curriculum has been uniquely tailored and designed to meet the needs and develop the strengths of our pupils. Each subject has a set of progressive skills and knowledge we wish our children to explore and acquire. The high quality precision teaching of essential knowledge and skills across the curriculum ensures children leave ready for the next stage of their education.

Please use the tabs on the left to discover our intention for each subject we teach and how we implement learning in that subject across the school.