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Beanfield Primary School

Design and Technology

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

~Steve Jobs

Design and Technology Intent 

Our Design and technology curriculum is intended to equip children with the creativity, imagination and skills required to thrive in our ever-changing technological world. We want children to feel confident in thinking beyond the classroom and to solve real world problems (that actually exist) whilst evaluating their achievements.  All pupils will have the experience of working with tools and various types of technology to discover how and why the world’s greatest inventions exist and how they contribute to our everyday lives. By the time our children move into their own careers our world will have evolved even further and because of this we are encouraging children to think differently and our curriculum strives to prepare them for being able to evolve with the world.  

Design and Technology Implementation 

Our Design and Technology curriculum is centred on the three main areas of product development, 

  • Design 
  • Make 
  • Evaluate 

Children will have the opportunity to answer and finding a solution to a real world problem. When answering these problems they have the opportunity to: research products and technologies that currently exist, design their own to meet the needs, construct/create/cook their product and evaluate its effectiveness for the brief. 

Design and Technology is typically taught in blocks ranging from 2 weeks to a half term, depending on whether the term has a STEM focus. Each sequence of learning incorporates all three areas mentioned above giving children the chance to see a project come together stage by stage.