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Beanfield Primary School

Zones of Regulation

At Beanfield, we are incorporating the use of Zones of Regulation as a way of discussing our emotions.

Zones of Regulation is a social-emotional learning curriculum that is designed to teach children about self-regulation and emotional control.

Zones of Regulation splits all of our emotions into 4 zones. It is important that children know which zone their emotion sits. We must never label a child’s emotion or zone, but rather
discuss it with them and allow them to decide where their emotion sits. 
It is important to remember that there are no ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ zones. All of our emotions are totally valid!  Zones of regulation works on ways of building strategies that can help us when we are in
different zones, particularly if that zone is making us feel uncomfortable. 
At Beanfield, we teach Zones of Regulation as part of ourPersonal Development curriculum (previously PSHE). We have noticed that it has been a great support in helping to regulate a child’s emotions, particularly in our younger or more vulnerable learners.

Please find some visuals in the attachments below in the attachements.